LeoLine gets premium at INDX

LeoLine is showcasing its new premium display at the INDX National Flooring Show.

For retailers making the trip to the INDX National Flooring Show, LeoLine will be showing its new premium display to lift cushion vinyl flooring into a new era. The LeoLine Premium Display is an all-new unit that’s been created to put cushion vinyl in the spotlight.

‘With impressive design, comfort, easy installation and affordability; there’s a lot to like about cushion vinyl flooring. However, despite all this, the display options on the market haven’t really made it an appealing proposition for consumers. The offshoot of this is that cushion vinyl is often pushed into a corner when it actually meets lots of the needs for flooring in today’s home and has a role to play alongside other floors like luxury vinyl and laminate. We’re changing that with our new LeoLine Premium Display,’ says Stuart Reeves, Leoline sales director.

The display is a smart, free-standing wall unit that ‘floats’ LeoLine’s stylish floors and which features built-in lighting to highlight the product. But it’s not just the display that’s premium” with LeoLine providing a preferential package for retailers taking up the new unit.

The benefits include the first to receive new product updates, a dedicated brand manager, premier retailer listing on the LeoLine website and exclusive access to incentives and promotions.


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