Macdonald recognised by WIPO

creators, and entrepreneurs worldwide and their ground-breaking work. 

Macdonald is joined by jewellery designer, Harriet Kelsall; installation technique for offshore wind turbines inventor and entrepreneur Jacqueline Morrison; lecturer in intellectual property at the Oxford University, Le Vu Van Anh; and academic lawyer and professor Janice Denoncourt.

On her inclusion in the WIPO World Intellectual Property Day Gallery, Macdonald said, “

‘When I entered the world of IP many years ago, it was a very different space where there were few female voices. Fortunately, the tide is turning but not quickly enough. For a truly innovative society to grow, we need complete diversity of perspectives and experiences to flourish. The number of women is rising in areas of the creative industries, largely as start-ups, lone, and micro business owners. Many of these creative businesses rely on Unregistered Design rights, which are notoriously more difficult to protect by law. So it is imperative that women in these areas have the knowledge, tools, and support to strengthen and uphold their IP rights,’ says Macdonald. 


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