Online success for CF

The Carpet Foundation’s latest online consumer marketing campaign has proved a success.

Its third campaign – from 10 October to 11 November – saw visitor numbers to its website increase by 225% on 2021. 

The campaign, which ran across;; and yielded 4,340 responses.

‘Our toe in the water with online advertising has exceeded all expectations. This latest burst, our longest to date, suggests that there is still pent-up demand. It is interesting, although perhaps not surprising, that of the 4,340 responses, 4,322 were new users, illustrating categorically that people don’t go on to carpet websites unless they are in the market for carpet or certainly in the funnel,’ says Rupert Anton, Carpet Foundation consultant. 

‘Subject to market conditions, I think it is fair to say that we will certainly be looking at further activity in 2023 and beyond.’



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