Savoir unveils second tie-up with Zandra Rhodes

Bed brand Savoir has unveiled its second tie-up with fashion designer Dame Zandra Rhodes.

During lockdown, Rhodes delved into her archives to create an exclusive artwork for Savoir based on one of her most significant and identifiable motifs: Field of Lillies. The collaboration features an array of historical Rhodes colourways and she developed a new colour palette for Savoir, featuring much softer and soothing tones for tranquillity. The Lilies artwork is digitally printed and is available in a selection of fabrics including velvet, a textured linen viscose and cotton.

‘I love how colour and print have the potency to change your mood and how you feel, I wondered how this would relate to your body and mind at night, the peace and mind at night, the peace and mood it brings the calm and ambience,’ says Rhodes.

The designer is known for never sleeping more than five hours but she says the collaboration with Savoir has begun to change her attitude. 

‘I am starting to appreciate sleep more and more. Especially for its health benefits and healing properties. I think your bed is one of the most special things. We spend a third of our lives in bed, it is the best investment one can make. The amazing thing about the Savoir bed is that for the first time in my life the peace it exudes makes me want to experience breakfast in bed. A luxury I don’t allow myself. I think it may change my life.’

‘We are thrilled to bring Zandra’s love of art to Savoir. Your bed should be something that you invest in and appreciate, like fine art. Creating a good bed which provides the ultimate in comfort and style to exacting specification is an art-form. From the way that it’s handcrafted using the finest natural materials, the level of skill and time, to the headboard design or the artwork that adorns it, every part is made bespoke for its owner,’ says Alistair Hughes, Savoir md.

The results do come at a price: Lilies on a No2 Savoir slim bed set in super king size starts from £33,680.

Savoir x Zandra Rhodes 05


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