V for flooring: signage can be expensive: unless the dedicated marketing team is at hand

In the 45 years since Metro originated the concept of pooling buying power to compete against the national chains, a lot has changed in the marketplace. No longer just looking to achieve the best terms and prices, Metro also assists its members to sell the best performing products in the marketplace at a profit.

What has been developed is a group of independent retailers from the smallest one-man operation to multiple outlet businesses. Retaining independence is important to Metro members, who are given the opportunity to participate in group activity which is always optional and very rarely compulsory. This allows them to use all of the best benefits of group membership while being 100% in control of their own businesses.

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Metro’s marketing service takes the individuality of each member one step further. Despite sharing a similar marketplace, each retailer does things differently and every retailer operates from differing types of premises. Of course, they also market themselves individually and have demands and needs that change at a variety of times.

That’s why Metro’s marketing service is completely bespoke: taking whatever project a retailer is looking to create and making it happen from a huge range of options.

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One such job was refurbishment of what would have originally been a very expensive V-sign at Carpet Centre in Londonderry. Using the existing framework the team cut away old metalwork and signage and re-used the bulk of the structure to create a new sign, using laser-cut acrylic graphics in its studio in the north-east of England. The project recycled existing materials and saved the retailer a small fortune: especially as the cost is subsidised by the group.

The ability to work on a huge range of projects means there is very little the marketing team can’t do. From design to manufacture and installation, almost every part of the work is done in-house.

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