Want it now? No problem says Futon Company

Futon Company is to begin offering same day-deliveries – if customers live near enough one of its 23 branches.

The chain is to use Gophr to offer the option of same-day deliveries if customers live within 15 miles of one of its 23 stores or its east London distribution centre. 

Details of pricing have yet to be revealed but Futon Company currently charges from £35 for deliveries within five-ten working days for furniture. Smaller items cost between £3.50-£24 with three-five working day lead times.

‘Same-day delivery of any kind of furniture is very unusual and stands to challenge the thinking around delivery speed, and the importance of using stores as fulfilment locations. Gophr’s dedication to providing fast and reliable delivery solutions aligns perfectly with Futon Company’s mission to deliver exceptional service and exceed customer expectations. Its API fits perfectly into our customer-focused offering, and it has all been delivered with a personal touch,’ says Vladimir Pomitun, Futon Company ecommerce director.

‘The partnership between Gophr and Futon Company underscores a shared commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions in the retail and delivery industries. By offering same-day delivery services for furniture and homewares, Gophr and Futon Company are redefining standards for delivery speed, reliability, and convenience,’ says Graham Smith, Gophr strategic account director.


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