With the tide

Condor will showcase its efforts to be greener at TFS.

Condor Group, which is exhibiting at the Majestic Hotel, will showcase its use of recycled ocean-bound plastic waste in a partnership with Tide Ocean.

Tide Ocean collects waste plastic near coasts and rivers in Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines and Mexico, and converts it into #tide ocean material as granules, yarn and filament which can then be used in products instead of virgin plastic.

‘Our solution does not only contribute to reduce CO2 and cleaner oceans, but we also work closely with NGOs and local communities to close the circle of plastic waste pollution. We organise beach clean-ups and pay fair wages to wastepickers and fishermen collecting plastics. And we don’t stop there, because prevention beats collection. To solve the problem of plastic pollution once and for all, it is more important and impactful to prevent new plastic waste from ending up in the environment to begin with,’ says Thomas Schori, Tide Ocean co-founder.

‘Condor Group has years of experience producing products with recycled content, but this collaboration is next level. The thinking fits perfectly with Condor Group. The important CO2 reduction is not the only benefit of using #tide ocean material; the ecological and social impact is also an important part of this cooperation, giving local communities new opportunities and empowering them into restoring nature,’ says Jan Hoekman Jr, Condor Group director.

‘The products can be traced back to their origin at all times. By using advanced blockchain technology, it is possible to see the exact location where the plastic waste was collected. The tool provides clear insight into the origin of the material and increases transparency in the supply chain. In this way, we rule out greenwashing.’

Condor is developing a number of qualities which should be ready by the end of the year, and an artificial grass range. POS will have QR codes explaining to shoppers where the waste plastic comes from and how it is transformed into new products.

Schori set up Tide Ocean in 2019 while working in the Swiss watch industry and discovering no company was using ocean-bound plastic in watch straps. Brands using #tide ocean

material include Karim Rashid, Tom Ford, Muvit, Meister, Winter & Company and Yamamay.

Tide Ocean


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